B20B Engine For Sale

Displacement: 2.0 L; 120.4 cu in (1,973 cc)

Power: 126–142–140 hp (94–106–104 kW; 128–144–142 PS) @ 5400 rpm

Torque: 133 lb⋅ft (180 N⋅m) @ 4800

Rod length: 137 mm (5.4 in)

Compression: B20B4 (AO PISTONS) 8.8:1 (P75) or 9.2:1 (P8R)

Bore x Stroke: 84 mm × 89 mm (3.31 in × 3.50 in)

Redline: 6500 rpm

The B-series engines are Honda’s inline four-cylinder DOHC engines. They were originally introduced in 1988, and were sold at the same time with the D-series (SOHC) engines. The B-series engines were meant as a performance option and had dual overhead cams. The B20B engine for sale can be found in the Honda CRV, Stepwgn, S-MX and JDM Orthia.

There are a few variants, and all of them are non-VTEC options. They produce from 126 (B20B) to 150 (B20Z) horsepower. Even though there are a couple of models available, they all have two short blocks that are used in the entire series, and the distinction is how high the cylinder block deck is. The B20B engines have a short block with a deck height of 8.3 inches. Even though a fairly popular JDM engine, the B20B was eventually replaced with the K-series in the CRV, Civic and Integra.

The B20B engine for sale should not be confused with the earlier Honda B20A engine, because the architecture is substantially different, and many would even consider them distinct engine families.