Warranty Information

Any non-performing engine purchased from JDM NEW YORK includes a 90-day warranty starting on the date shown on invoice. Any performance engines (i.e. turbocharged, supercharged, KL31, VTEC VVTI VVL VVTL-i VVT MIVEC, etc) include a 30-day start-up warranty also starting on the date shown on invoice. ANY ROTARY OR DIESEL ENGINE IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY AND SOLD AS IS.  Engines and transmissions must be installed between the warranty period.  ALL Performance or non-performance transmissions are covered by a 30-day start up warranty against defective internals only. The warranty covers only internal parts of the engine block and head(s) as well as transmission and does not include exterior engine/transmission and related parts such as clutches, flywheels, flex plates, distributors, coil packs, ignitors, alternators, a/c pumps, power steering pumps oil/water pumps, solenoids, sensors, valve covers, oil pans, manifolds, fuel system, turbo/superchargers, and torque converters. In the event of a defective engine block, head, or transmission, JDM NEW YORK will be responsible to either replace or fix the defective part only, at our discretion. Your mechanic is at no point in time authorized to disassemble our engine or transmission unless otherwise noted.



JDM NEW YORK is not responsible for installation or improper use of any engine/transmission sold to a client; therefore, the following parts and circumstances are not covered by our warranty:

  • All external parts of an engine such as axles, power steering, oil/water & a/c pumps, intake & exhaust manifolds, carburetors, distributors, coil packs, ignitors, valve cover(s), oil pan, alternators, starters, emission control devices, thermostats, belts, hoses, clutches, flywheels, pulleys, wiring, computers (ECU), transmissions, turbo/supercharger units, fuel systems, gaskets, seals, sensors, solenoids, and any plastic trim pieces.
  • Shipping charges are not covered under the warranty. In the event of a defective engine/transmission, returned shipping charges as well as shipping charges for replacement engine/transmission must be covered by the buyer.
  • All body parts, interior parts, wheels, & suspension are not under warranty.  These parts are always sold “as is.”
  • • The loss of engine, if the engine is redlined or competitively raced is not covered under warranty.
  • Any labor for installation or removal of any defective part of an engine/transmission is not covered under warranty.
  • Customer must perform Timing overhaul. (Timing belt/ chain/ tensioner). Any damage to the engine due to improper installation will void warranty.
  • Swapping or removal of cylinder head(s)/crank/rods/pistons/cam(s)/gears & removal of transmission casing voids warranty.
  • Loss caused by modification or forced induction (Nitrous/Alcohol Injection, Turbo/Supercharger & Aftermarket ECU upgrades) for which the engine was not designed will void warranty.
  • Customer must perform cooling system overhaul.  Loss caused by overheating of the engine, unless overheating is the direct result of the failure of an internal part of the engine.
  • Any tune-ups and adjustments in belts, hoses, filters, emission control devices, sparkplugs, etc.
  • Customer must perform oil system overhaul procedure. (Flush oil system & change oil pump) The loss of an engine as a result of insufficient amount of oil in the engine or lack of oil pressure will void warranty.
  • Decrease in performance of any covered part due to normal wear and tear, unless actual breakdown occurs.

JDM NEW YORK will not be held responsible if the engine purchased does not fit into the designated vehicle. Before purchasing the engine/transmission, the customer must verify that the engine will fit into said vehicle. We will not be held responsible if incorrect engine is purchased.

Sales & Shipping Policy

  • No refunds or exchanges on non defective engines.
  • No Deposit refunds. You have 7 business days to pick up the item you left a deposit for.
  • All refused/returned orders will be charged 25% of the item amount for restocking fee plus all original and return freight charges back to our warehouse, no exceptions.
  • All refunds will be issued in company’s check.
  • JDM NEW YORK is not responsible for damages occurring during shipment of the engine, transmission, or part

General Engine Information

JDM NEW YORK provides its customers with used imported Japanese engines with low mileage. External parts of the engines such as belts, hoses, seals, gaskets, and plastic covers are sometimes damaged during shipping and can be replaced by the customer’s mechanic using parts from the designated vehicle. Cosmetic damage such as scratches on valve cover are normal on used engines and does not reflect upon performance of said engine. In addition, replaceable parts such as sensors, exhaust pipes, and air intake boxes may be missing if they are broken or damaged. JDM NEW YORK is not responsible for these parts as the warranty only covers internal parts, which would prevent the engine/transmission from operating correctly.

SMOG & Emissions

JDM NEW YORK will NOT be held responsible for the failure of emissions or smog test. Please verify with your local authorities if the engine passes smog and emissions regulations in your state.

Defective Engine Claim Procedure

In the event of a Head/Block/Transmission being defective, we will require the following to be emailed/ faxed only to us:

  • JDM NEW YORK will require a detailed written description (work order) along with pictures of the described defective part from a ASE Certified Mechanic ONLY.
  • A copy of the Mechanic’s ASE certification along with his/her contact information must be provided. JDM NEW YORK will contact the Certified Mechanic to ensure that the documents are legitimate. The Certified Mechanic may not be the individual who bought the engine from JDM NEW YORK. You may fax the required paperwork to (718) 949-9459 ATTN: Claims or email to [email protected]

JDM NEW YORK reserves the right to change or modify this warranty at any time. Warranty information will always be displayed on the reverse side of invoices.